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Step into the Wild West and become a legendary courier in this immersive VR game. Prepare for a high-stakes adventure where your quick draw and marksmanship skills are put to the test to protect valuable packages during treacherous transport. You can ride solo or team up with friends in co-op mode and experience the thrill of the Old West like never before.

Key Features:

Co-op Multiplayer: Join forces with friends in thrilling co-op multiplayer mode. Coordinate your strategies, cover each other's backs, and prove that teamwork triumphs in the Wild West.

Appearance Customization: Customize your courier's appearance with Old West attire and accessories.

Gunslinger Action: Harness the power of dual revolvers and become a master gunslinger. Perfect your aim, draw your weapons with lightning speed, and take down enemies with precision.

Package Protection: As a courier, your primary objective is to safeguard your packages at all costs. Utilize your pistols to fend off attackers, protecting the vital contents, and ensuring successful deliveries.


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Courier 1865 Post Jam PC.zip 39 MB
Courier 1865 - PC.zip 40 MB
Courier1865 - Post Jam Quest.zip 46 MB
Courier 1865 - VR Standalone.apk 46 MB

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